Building Energy Consulting
The building energy analysis that we provide apart from Title 24 Part 6 can be used in several
different ways:
  • To determine eligibility for energy incentives under California utility programs such as Savings By Design; or to verify a building's energy performance for GreenPoint Rated, LEED or California New Solar Homes Partnership (NSHP); or to apply for a high performance school (HPS) energy allowance school grant through the Division of the State Architect; or,
  • To develop a Life-Cycle Cost (LCC) study in which we evaluate different combinations of energy measures for first-cost and long term energy savings.
Gabel Energy specializes in building energy modeling to assess cost-effective combinations of energy measures and make appropriate energy design recommendations. Depending on the scale and type of project, our consultation may save thousands of dollars in life-cycle costs.
Utility and Other Incentive Programs
There may be one or more energy incentive and/or energy grant programs for which a specific building project is eligible. The descriptive outlines of these incentives and grants include links to web sites which will give you further information. Contact us to discuss whether a particular building may be eligible.
Multi-Family Housing Energy Grants
Several federal Multi-Family housing energy grant programs require that projects exceed the California Title 24 Building Energy Efficiency Standards using the performance approach. Gabel Energy will work with you to achieve the requisite level of energy performance to receive the housing energy grants.
Green Point Rated (GPR) and LEED Certification
Build-It-Green, is a non-profit membership organization whose mission is to promote healthy, energy- and resource-efficient building practices in California. Build-It-Green has developed and sponsors its GreenPoint Rated (GPR) program, a green building certification program for residential buildings. Gabel Energy will assist you in meeting and exceeding the energy efficiency requirement of GreenPoint Rated. For further information on Build-It-Green and GreenPoint Rated, go to
Energy Design and Analysis
Gabel Energy provides qualitative energy design consulting during design development by evaluating building energy use with respect to several aspects of a proposed design including: occupancy, building size, number of stories, types of construction assemblies, amount and orientation of glazing, lighting systems, mechanical systems and other relevant factors. Even before performing a quantitative analysis, we can provide importance guidance on cost-effective integrated energy design strategies.
R & D and Professional Training
Gabel Energy performs research and development for projects such as:
  • The development of local green building and energy ordinances which are designed to exceed the requirements of the Title 24 Standards;
  • The detailed performance of specific energy products in different building types in a variety of microclimates;
  • The technical analysis of methodologies and guidelines for energy incentive programs or energy grants which are designed to exceed the Title 24 performance Standards;
We also develop and present professional trainings on energy-efficiency and the Title 24 Standards for professionals involved in building design and construction and Building department staff on the enforcement of the energy code.