Download the appropriate Project Intake Form below and complete as much of the information listed as possible. E-mail or send us the completed forms with projects that you submit to us. This information will expedite our work on your project by reducing the amount of time we have to spend on the phone or in e-mail communication.

Low-rise Residential Intake Form
Nonresidential/High-rise Residential Intake Form

Other useful information and forms:
CF1R-ADD-01-E Certificate of Compliance (Low-rise Residential Additions with HERS measures)
CF1R-ADD-02-E Certificate of Compliance (Low-rise Residential Additions without HERS measures)
CF1R-ALT-01-E Certificate of Compliance (Low-rise Residential Alterations with HERS measures)
CF1R-ALT-05-E Certificate of Compliance (Low-rise Residential Alterations without HERS measures)
MF-1R Mandatory Measures (Low-rise Residential)
CALCERTS Designer Signature Agreement Form (HERS Registration)
Table 150.1-A Low-rise Residential Package A (Low-rise Residential Prescriptive Requirements)
Table 140.3-B Nonresidential Prescriptive Envelope Criteria
Table 140.3-C High-rise Residential Prescriptive Envelope Criteria

Lamp Types
Residential High Efficacy Lighting
Radiant Barriers
Heated Slab Insulation Requirements
Low-rise Residential Additions, Alterations and Repairs
Low-rise Residential Indoor Air Quality and Mechanical Ventilation
Nonresidential Mandatory Indoor Lighting Requirements
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