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Do You Need Us?

“Do I need a Title 24 energy code report?”

Here are some of the most common triggers for a Title 24 energy code report:

  • New construction of conditioned (heated and/or cooled) space
  • Heating or cooling any existing space that was not conditioned before
  • Adding on to an existing building
  • Adding or changing the heating, cooling or water heating system of the building
  • Replacing, moving or adding any amount of glazing (windows, glass doors and/or skylights)
  • Adding indoor or outdoor light fixtures to a nonresidential space

Note that the size of the new, added or altered space does not matter. The code could be triggered for 3 SF or 3,000 SF.

Simple alterations or remodels with no changes to the conditioned square footage, glazing (windows, glass doors or skylights) or mechanical system(s) probably only need energy code Mandatory Measures added to the plan set, but do not trigger other compliance documentation.

When in doubt, just ask us, or talk to your local building department.


How to Work with Us

All work is accepted through our online job portal We strive to personally respond to your request within 24 hours. At that time we will let you know the status of your project, what, if any, other information we may need and tell you next steps.

When you reach the front of the queue, you will be contacted by the analyst working on your job. They will work with you and keep you updated with how your project is going.

Our goal is that at the end of your project, you have a Title 24 energy compliance report that accurately represents the scope of work in the drawings and specifications and shows that the project meets the Energy Code.

Each project is unique. Fees are based on type of work, needs of the client and size of the project. We are always happy to provide you an email estimate for your project, or a formal proposal.

The first step would be to submit your request for work through our website. As part of that registration process you will be able to request a formal proposal and provide the proposal recipient. The recipient is the person who will be paying for our work.

If you are new to the system you will first need to create a log in. We ask you to provide some basic information about the project and the scope of work.

While each project is unique, below are typical items we need complete our work:

  • Project schedule
  • DWG electronic files of the floor plan and elevations (we use these for our take-offs)
  • PDF of the design package including architectural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical — schematic or design drawings are great, we do not want you to wait until DD set
  • Plans hand drawn to scale (no less than 1/8″ scale) are also acceptable).
  • Project intake information — This can be done with an analyst or by filling out our Client Intake Form.