Gabel Energy Family Photo!

Back in December, all of the current folks at Gabel Energy got to celebrate the holidays with Mike Gabel, the company founder, and Tomita Shimamoto, office manager/bookkeeper emeritus, plus Tomita’s husband Mark and daughter Tae Li. It was a pleasure to touch base with Mike and Tomita, and to introduce them to the newest members of our team, Francis Villapando Jr, energy analyst in training, and Dominique Phan, project coordinator.

Gabel Energy Employees
Front row, left to right: Rosemary Howley, Tomita Shimamoto, Mike Gabel, Gina Rodda, Ami Chrzanowska. Back row, left to right: Francis Villapando Jr., Cynthia Stoneburner, Ari Usher, Dominique Phan, Jim Hurley, Michelle Austin, Marina Chavez Blanco, Fiona Terreri, Megan Rodda.

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